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I understand that Goldhill Adventure Playground cannot take responsibility for any under 5-year olds.
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The term OPEN ACCESS refers to a CHILD CENTRED PLAY PROVISION where children are FREE TO COME AND GO AS THEY PLEASE. This means that if your child needs to leave the playground for any reason – ie. Boredom, extremes of weather, hunger, feeling ill, change in opening hours or exclusion as a result of inappropriate behaviour, they need to be able to return home, or to another designated place of safety. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY AGREED BETWEEN THEMSELVES AND THEIR PARENT OR CARER. It is therefore important that we have current and correct contact details and parents/carers or another designated contact person must be contactable at all times when your child is on the premises. This is particularly important if you consider your child to be VULNERABLE FOR ANY REASON. OPEN ACCESS provision should not be used as a form of childcare. OPEN ACCESS play provision is designated to offer childcare safe, supervised and stimulating play opportunities, freely chosen by the children whilst they are on the premises. ONCE YOUR CHILD LEAVES THE PREMISES, THEY ARE NO LONGER THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STAFF ON GOLDHILL ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND. If it becomes apparent that a child is being left at Goldhill Adventure Playground in contradiction to the above definition of OPEN ACCESS, then the management committee will have no choice but to notify the child’s parent or carer that: If the parent or carer is not in a position to allow, or feel comfortable with allowing their child to come and go as they please. Or cannot be certain that their child will not leave until collected. Or the parent or carer cannot be certain that they will be available to collect their child when necessary. THEN IT IS CLEAR THAT AN OPEN ACCESS PROVISION IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THEIR CHILD TO USE. Information relating to accessing childcare settings, available in the area will be offered to the parent or carer.